I'm not sure with the spelling for entry title, but yes, I'm bringing this up!

For the past 2 years this blog is pretty much dead due to inactivity of the group, or should I say, most of the guys that we used to play together aren't around anymore. For example :

1) Heikal, Acad, Badari, Zony Kobe graduated. Palauboy left the campus, transfered to another college. Lost his commitment to the game. Xenogears also left the scene, having his own commitment and moved on towards his life as a person

2) Some of our friends who used to play with together aren't around anymore either

3) No public server for MMU Cyberjaya hostel community who loves playing the game

4) Some of the guys after the following years prefer to play online through steam

5) I forgot about this blog.

While this blog remain existed in the shadow, for the past two years also saw the birth of AimingHigh! and the emergence of SSi Gaming, two teams who are led by Jzi and tupai_jadian respectively. As time passes by both teams appears to be better and better along the years and become two top teams (and the only two teams) that dominates the game in the MMU and also known among the Counter-Strike 1.6 community in our country. Like some said in the server, I quote ;

Sape la tak kenal tupai. ang lalu je kat depan crosshair sniper dia tu jangan harap boleh idup. kalau nasib pun kena kaki je, hilang separuh nyawa.

Hopefully after this blog entry we'll manage to get ourselves a server to play together through LAN and assemble a few teams among the people that plays. Like how it used to be, the classic league tournaments every thursday and friday night among the players.

Best Regards
king of kings

Happy 2009 to all cyberstrike cs player. We very sorry for all the convenience before. We now searching for people who willing to give their old pc that can be a server for cs. For the tournament, there is no news for it. We will keep updating about it.

(current cs moderator)

Reminder to all. Temporary server is now open. IP is Credit to eyhoalan. As usual, ranking still on but in a new list. Come and let the game begins. Enjoy and good game guys. To those people who have extra PC that can support for Server usage, Come and donate it to us. Sharing is caring maa!!!...heheh. Currently the main server still under construction....

Greetings CyberStrike 1.6 players.

mIRC server for scrim/friendly matches. purposes has up credits to eyhoalan. Server is intranet based. VPN users can also connect to the irc server. Type /server to connect then /join mmu-scrim to enter the chat channel.

For those who aren't clear how to connect into the server, I'll make a tutorial later.

Hopefully this will work.

Server Counter Strike are close for a while because the server had been use for cyber Tracker for a while. At these time...we manage to use other server...other info will be post A.S.A.P...stay tune guys... (^-^)

Currently looking for players with good quality skills and standard for the 5 men CS 1.6 team. Might recruit 10 players including myself and 3 other friends so hat we can train together amongst ourselves.

Requirements :-

Dedicated to play ( willing to train to improve, will play in every single tournaments available around )

Has knowledge and experience in friendly/scrimm games ( knows all directions and spots in particular map )

Owns a STEAM id ( not necessarily but at least can train online against other internet team )

No Attitude Problem ( will give teammates encouragements, support in-game and listens to team members )

We will eventually evaluate some players' performance in-game during random scrimm games. So do get yourselves active in CS1.6

In case you all don't know, Freu Frei is a German language, means open fire.


**depends on the situation, this team might represent MMU Cyber for the upcoming open tournament later on 7th March

It's still under plan by the way.

In STEAM, there's an IRC channel for players who wants to play scrimm/match/friendly and searching for teams' availability for a match. This might be a good idea for us, credit goes to XpB, who wants to play friendly matches without searching players using YM! or wasting their credit to call anyone out there and ask whether the person wants to play or not.

MMU Cyberjaya has a lot of good players in the server right now, but only a few out there whom play friendly matches.

It is actually another way to encourage the players over here to get into a serious gaming business rather than playing for fun, or either way, vice versa. There's a lot of potential players out there that need to be sharpen their skills to kill.

Bring back the spirit of Counter-Strike 1.6 over here again, bring back the fun.

To those who don't know what is mIRC, please refer to www.mirc.com

And if u you guys want to know how would this thing works, here's the STEAM players' irc server.

server : irc.maxonline.com.sg
channel : counterstrike.sg